Survival Groove brings together musicians from jazz and Latin music, finding synergy in a common groove. The group features veteran jazz musician, Gene Tucci (guitar), who comes from years of experience in the jazz, rock and R&B worlds; Roberto Medina (bongo,timbale and background vocals) and Sylvia Sherman (bass), who have played in the Latin music scene, co-directing the popular contemporary son ensemble, La Familia Son; Dan Schulman (trombone), well versed in both jazz and Latin music; and Norm Downing (congas and lead vocals), who has played percussion and sung for over 30 years in numerous Bay Area groups.

Survival Groove brings you jazzy renditions of Cuban son with favorites such as Son de la Loma, original music featuring funky grooves, and jazz music with Latin rhythms. With ample talent for improvisation, each performance is unique and pleasing for both listening and dancing. Survival Groove brings you East Bay funk with salsa, jazz y sabor!