At a young age, she knew music was her calling.  Begging her mom for piano lessons, she started in kindergarten, and began exploring her voice as she would sing along with her piano lesson songs.  Soon her father introduced to her several soul and blues greats Etta James, Ray Charles, James Brown, and BB King.  From then on, she was hooked.  She soaked up any soulful record she could get her hands on trying to emulate the vocal stylings, phrasing and feeling.  It's no wonder she has picked up pieces of her favorite artists as she developed her own sound.  


Lilan Kane (pronounced LEE - lawn) captures the soul of Aretha, the charm of Ella, and the sassiness of Etta.  Her soulful compositions tell stories of love, loss, and self-discovery.  She is a soulful artist who is not afraid to be raw, real, and vulnerable on and off stage.  Her highly anticipated debut album, "Love, Myself" is scheduled to release in January 2016.  Most recently you may have seen her at the Fillmore Jazz Festival, or other notable venues including Yoshi's, Boom Boom Room, and The Mint.  She can also be seen as a featured vocalist with the Fil Lorenz Orchestra, the Dick Bright Orchestra, soul revue band OTIS, and the Lucky Devils Band.


Lilan graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.  She studied with Grammy award winning vocal arranger Donna McElroy and drummer/arranger Kenwood Dennard.  She also studied background singing, arranging, and music business courses.  She graduated with a degree in Music Business and Management.  After a few years in New York City working on the business side, she returned to her roots in the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue life as a musician.  Lilan Kane has become a highy sought after featured vocalist in the Bay Area working heavily in the jazz, soul, and corporate circuits.  She is scheduled to release her album of originals in January 2016.